Yellow Social Media Report 2018

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Sales and marketing purposes remain the key catalysts behind using social media for both SMBs and large businesses.

Australians and social media

60% of Australians use the internet more than five times a day and we own an average of 3.5 internet-enabled devices.

Consumer survey

The two most popular times for social networking are in the evening (61%) and first thing in the morning (59%).  68% of us read online reviews and blogs before shopping, averaging eight reviews before making a decision.

Business survey

Just a year ago, less than 25% of people followed businesses or brands on social media. Now that number has leapt to 44%. Forty-four per cent of us are now following businesses or brands on social media. It’s no wonder the proportion of businesses with a social media presence is at an all-time high. It’s a missed opportunity if you either aren’t on social media, or aren’t using the channel effectively.
If a business knows exactly who their customers are, what’s important to them, and where they search for information before they buy, then it becomes easier to provide the right content to them and build authentic connections.

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