Sensis Social Media Report May 2015

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Ratings and reviews should be a major focus for businesses online.  They can play an important role in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Australian businesses and social media

Australians continue to embrace technology through use of multiple internet enabled devices.

Consumer survey

As consumers become increasingly fragmented in how they engage with both traditional and social media, it is apparent businesses must quickly adapt their presence online to establish and nurture new communities and connect with them in authentic ways.

Business survey

Social Media Report this year is again showing increased levels of engagement with social media as a critical way in which the public, business and government are communicating. Almost 50% of consumers now access social media every day (and
up to 79% for the 18-29 age group), yet only 31% of SME businesses actively operate a social media engagement strategy.

The social networks we use the most.







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