Yellow Social Media Business Report 2018

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Australian businesses and social media

Sales and marketing purposes remain the key catalysts behind using social media for both SMBs and large businesses. Providing a line of contact is also influential. The proportion of businesses with a social media presence has reached the highest level recorded. More than half the small (51%) and medium businesses (58%) have a social media presence,while for large businesses the incidence is 85%. Among SMBs without a social media presence, 12% of the small businesses and 5% of the medium businesses intend to obtain one in the next year. For those businesses reluctant to be on social media, the dominant barrier is a perceived lack of benefit.

Business survey

Very few businesses expect to reduce their social media expenditure in the coming 12 months. Among those who foresee a change in their social media spend, it is much more likely to be an increase than a decrease. SMBs expecting to spend more
on social media in the coming year appear less likely to fund it by decreasing their expenditure in other marketing or advertising activities, in contrast to the large businesses. Where increased social media expenditure is likely to be funded by sacrificing spend elsewhere.


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