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Sydney Construction Training School (SCTS) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 91802) nationally recognised.

Increase in sales by 50% 
Increase website ranking position 100%
Return on Investment of 330%


Create an organic SEO strategy that would allow for the client's website to rank on google number one page for the nominated keywords and stay there with minimum upkeeping fees.


We created a solid SEO strategy that stood the test of time and still produces a steady stream of leads for the client. This SEO campaign is bean running for nearly 10 years and we have made some minor adjustments to the campaign over the 10year period.  We also designed the website the logo and all the graphics nearly 10 years ago. The website was built on a Joomla platform and had minimum updates and was never revamped as per customer's requests. We never had any major downtime or problems with the website.


We managed to generate great results for the customer and a noticeable difference in sales repeat sales and referrals. The customer has reported an increase in online sales and we were given many different positive results over a course of 10 Years.

50% Sales

100% Ranking

330% ROI

From The Client

“I have been using Savo and his company for many different services for the past 8 years. His SEO services have helped my business rank high in the search engine and noticeably improve my business. Whatever the situation is he was always there to support my business. I would without any hesitation recommend Savo and his company.”

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